Skating Season

            Skating season? Why is a pool guy talking about ice skating? Well besides the fact that skating happens to be the way the best sport on earth is played, we also happen to sell and install backyard skating rinks. So how big are they, what are they made out of?

We make rinks any size you want and we like to make them out of ¾” plywood and Nice Rink supplies. But the most important thing is to either have a nice level yard or a budget big enough to allow us to build a rink with 4’ high boards. Most rinks that we sell and install are approx 30’x60’. It usually takes us a day to build a rink, sometimes shorter sometimes longer, but this is an average. They can start anywhere from approximatly $3000 and go up to as crazy as you want to get. Keep in mind that this is the highest cost in owning a rink, the first year. That’s when you get all your supplies for building the rink. Each year after you should only need to spend a few hundred on a new liner. Now of course you may need a few brackets or another board maybe, some bumper caps but the majority of the cost is always front loaded.

The ideal yard would be perfectly level, but that is never the case as just about every yard pitches away from the house so water drains away from the house also. We have had some people level a portion of their yard for a rink and this usually works well. If you could get the pitch between 4”-6” that’s great even up to 10” is usually ok, any more than that and the rinks need to get taller boards and more re-enforcement so they don’t blow out. A blown out rink is not a good thing. So we try like crazy to find the best spot and best size for anyone who wants a rink.

We also sell rink accessories such as goals, pucks – even ones that light up for night action, matting, rink maintenance items such as shovels, ice choppers and resurfacers that act as a mini Zamboni so you can have nice smooth ice. [slideshow_deploy id=’78’]