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Over 80 Years of Service

If you have lived in Connecticut all your life, you probably remember Savol. What was once a bleach distribution company has evolved over the years into a full service swimming pool company. Throughout its eight decades, Savol’s roots have remained firmly in East Hartford, CT.

Thank you to our wonderful customers for over 80 years of service!!

  • We are a year-round, one-stop swimming pool company.
  • Staffed with SP Licensed Service Technicians, Certified Pool Operators® and CPO® instructors.
  • Savol serves the commercial, residential and municipal markets.
  • All service and distribution work performed by Savol employees which allows us to fulfill needs of our customers.
  • All deliveries are made with Savol trucks and Savol employees.
  • We serve the residential, commercial markets.

We are a unique full service swimming pool company and contractor.Our uniqueness is in the fact that we are one of the few companies that don’t build pools but yet remain open year round. In addition, when you call, unless we are on the phone, someone is always going to answer your call. Here’s the real unique part of our company that you will like, we ALL ENJOY what we do and it shows.