Waterbag-type Pool Cover

standard pool coverThe traditional Waterbag type pool cover has one benefit – it will block the sunlight so you don’t open your pool with a mess below the cover. Unfortunately, there will be a mess above the cover!

You can still purchase a solid safety cover, but they are very heavy, and you still need a pump or a drain on top of the cover.

Safety Pool Covers

pool coverA decade or so ago companies started coming out with the sun-blocking safety covers. They give the advantages of both a safety cover and a sold cover with none of the mess.

With mesh covers, the melting snow and rain pass through so there is no standing water on the top of the cover to pull the cover down in to the pool or attract bugs. You don’t need to scoop all of the leaves in the fall or spring, because they’ll blow off!

Now there is no need to wait to close your pool in the fall and you don’t have to open it up really early so you avoid the algae in the pool from a “standard mesh” safety cover. And now,  waterbag covers or a solid safety covers can be a thing of the past – there is an alternative!

Merlin SmartMesh™ Coversmesh pool cover

The Merlin SmartMesh™ cover is about 40% lighter than a solid safety cover so it makes your pool closing that much easier!

These covers come in many colors to enhance to your backyard decor – the Merlin SmartMesh™ covers are available in green, blue, tan and grey. It’s made with a patented material (U.S. Patent 6,886,187) that offers 100% shade, filters down to 40 microns (vs. a typical sand filter at 30 microns).

At Savol Pools we are glad to have you call us to discuss which cover is best for YOUR pool!