Winterizing Your Pool & Spa For Winter


Savol Pools, located East Hartford, CT, stands as a premier destination for all your pool and spa needs, offering a comprehensive range of products and services essential for maintaining and enjoying your aquatic oasis. As a go-to supplier, Savol Pools prides itself on delivering top-notch pool and spa chemicals, equipment, maintenance, and repair services, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for pool owners.

Central to Savol Pools’ offerings is our expansive selection of pool and spa chemicals and equipment. From sanitizers and shock treatments to pH balancers and algaecides, their array of high-quality chemicals ensures proper water chemistry, facilitating a safe and enjoyable swimming environment. Moreover, our inventory includes a wide range of pool equipment, from pumps and filters to robotic cleaners and pool covers, providing customers with everything needed for a well-maintained pool or spa.

Beyond supplying chemicals and equipment, Savol Pools takes pride in offering comprehensive maintenance and repair services. Our team of skilled professionals is well-versed in handling various pool-related issues, whether it’s equipment repairs, leak detection, or general maintenance tasks. From routine cleaning and maintenance to diagnosing and fixing complex problems, Savol Pools ensures that your pool or spa remains in top condition throughout the year.

In addition to our extensive range of services, Savol Pools specializes in indoor pool maintenance, a unique offering catering to owners of indoor aquatic spaces. Understanding the distinct requirements of indoor pools, our expertise encompasses specialized maintenance techniques to ensure optimal water quality, temperature control, and equipment performance for indoor settings.

As the seasons change, the importance of properly closing and winterizing your pool cannot be overstated. Savol Pools excels in providing professional closing services, ensuring that your pool is adequately prepared for the winter months. Our meticulous approach safeguards against potential damage due to freezing temperatures, preserving the integrity of the pool’s structure and equipment, and simplifying the reopening process when warmer weather returns.


Moreover, Savol Pools’ commitment extends beyond offering products and services; we prioritize educating customers on pool winterizing and maintenance best practices. Our knowledgeable staff provides guidance on proper chemical usage, equipment maintenance, and pool care tips, empowering pool owners to maintain their pools efficiently and effectively.

The hallmark of Savol Pools lies in their dedication to customer satisfaction. Whether it’s supplying premium products, delivering exceptional services, or offering expert advice, we prioritize exceeding customer expectations. Our commitment to quality winterizing and reliability has established them as a trusted partner for pool and spa enthusiasts in East Hartford and beyond.

In conclusion, for pool and spa owners seeking a reliable and comprehensive solution to their maintenance and equipment needs, Savol Pools in East Hartford, CT, stands as the ultimate destination. From supplying a wide array of chemicals and equipment to offering maintenance, repair, and indoor pool services, they cater to every facet of pool ownership. Trust Savol Pools to ensure your pool remains crystal clear, well-maintained, and ready for enjoyment throughout the seasons.