Swimming Pool Chemicals

Service for Water Quality

Water quality is the most important issue you need to be concerned with in taking care of your pool. This does not simply mean that you can see the bottom of the pool. There are a number of elements to this equation. Out of balance water is either scale forming or corrosive.

Scale Forming Water

Scale forming water causes a crusty mineral build up on the pool surfaces, insides some type of plumbing and especially in heat exchanger of your pool heater. The average heater exchanger should last from five to seven years. If your water is scale forming that exchanger could be clogged in one season, even in one month is the condition is severe. Add $1200.00 to the cost of that exchanger and you could buy a new heater, tax and labor not included. When you let your water become scale forming you’re making it possible for me to wine and dine my wife at upscale restaurants.

Why Is My Pool Green?

“My Pool Is Green, What I Do Now?”

In April of 2003 we received an email that asked this question. At first we thought it was someone making a joke. Further investigation proved it to be a serious question from a real customer. As much as the wording is a sad commentary on the state of the English language in the information age, sadder still is the fact that so many people have a major investment in the backyard and so few know how to care for it in a reasonable and cost effective manner. This is not a failing on the part of the pool owner but on the part of the pool builder and service contractor. Almost anything you buy; a car, TV, garden tractor, cake mixer comes with an owner’s manual. A pool can cost from twenty to a hundred thousand dollars or more and comes with no more than an hour of verbal instruction and no written manual.