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Pool Liner Life Expectancy

How long does a swimming pool liner last? Most liners last 10-12 years. If they are taken care of they will last a little longer. If they aren’t taken care of they will obviously not last as…

Why Is My Pool Green?

“My Pool Is Green, What I Do Now?”

In April of 2003 we received an email that asked this question. At first we thought it was someone making a joke. Further investigation proved it to be a serious question from a real customer. As much as the wording is a sad commentary on the state of the English language in the information age, sadder still is the fact that so many people have a major investment in the backyard and so few know how to care for it in a reasonable and cost effective manner. This is not a failing on the part of the pool owner but on the part of the pool builder and service contractor. Almost anything you buy; a car, TV, garden tractor, cake mixer comes with an owner’s manual. A pool can cost from twenty to a hundred thousand dollars or more and comes with no more than an hour of verbal instruction and no written manual.