Winter is coming… and this is the time to start thinking about the importance of your pool’s safety cover maintenance during the season.

Before the winter starts:

• Inspect your pool cover, make sure your springs are functional and providing the proper tension for your safety cover. You want to avoid having a fully compressed spring. Make sure your springs have a 50% – 75% compression, as it is recommended.
• If there is standing water on your mesh cover, the pool is too full and the water level should be lowered.

Cleaning your cover:

• Even though Safety covers are designed to keep leaves and debris out of the pool. You still should consider removing excess leaves and debris from the cover as this will allow rainwater and snowmelt to drain through the cover more efficiently. A Pool brush and or a leaf blower can be used. Avoid anything sharp as this can damage the cover.
Avoid staining & murky water – The cover acts much like a teabag and the leaves and debris can “steep” and turn the water brown and can cause staining.

During the winter:

• Recheck your springs occasionally as frozen rain, wind and snow may cause straps to loosen.
• Solid and Tarp covers – It’s good practice to check your pump regularly be sure it’s working properly to siphon off rain water and snowmelt.
• Reduce the load – Safety covers are very sturdy, however in case of a heavy snow storm you want to keep your water levels no more than 18” from the top of the pool to provide support to the cover, reduce the stress and protect from damage.
A heavy snow on an unsupported cover can tear it, This damage would not be covered under warranty.

If any damages or issues become present call us.