Fall Renovations When Closing Your Pool

           Believe it or not, lots of pools get fall renovations or parts of renovations done in the fall. It is a time of year when the temperatures are still warm enough for not only materials to be used but most pool people don’t mind working in the nice weather. Lots of things can be done, such as coping and tile. Also concrete can still be used and poured with only minimal thought to weather conditions being too cold. Fall is also a good time to re-plumb your pool if you are thinking of that repair for old / broken pipes and fittings.

            Some things I wouldn’t recommend as fall renovations, here in Connecticut anyway, are liner replacements and painting.  Once the sun starts to get lower in the sky and the day time temperatures aren’t sustained in the upper 50’s-lower 60’s it gets hard to stretch a liner into place. It never fails that whenever you try to replace a liner in the fall that by the time you are ready and prepped to drop the liner, it has gotten a little bit chilly and the sunlight will be gone before you know it. It is always better and easier to take a few days in the middle of the summer to replace a liner than it is to wait until October to do it. If you anticipate needing a new liner in the spring, we can come out and measure your pool before it’s closed and then we’ll be all set to put the liner in spring.

            Another thing to never do later in the fall is paint a pool. Just think how difficult it would be to paint your living room and having someone behind you blowing leaves on the fresh paint. That’s what it’s like when you are trying to paint an outdoor pool in the fall. Even if you happen to try and prepare by putting a leaf net over the pool to keep the leaves out, take it from me and a tough lesson learned, don’t paint in October!