Inground pool liners CT

How long does a swimming pool liner last?

Most liners last 10-12 years. If they are taken care of they will last a little longer. If they aren’t taken care of they will obviously not last as long.

Keeping the water level at the normal operational level during the off season will also extend your liner’s life. If your liner is full it stays in the right place where it should be. If the liner is left empty or dry by draining for the winter, it will shrink.

Have you ever drained your liner to clean it out only to find all the corners and steps shrunk? Before you know it you are having a new liner installed. Don’t drain your liner pool. Even for winter. The stairs will shrink and maybe not the first few seasons but after 3-4 the top step that sits dry all winter will noticeable shrink. Every year getting worse until its time for a new liner.

See our blog post on pool water chemistry for information about proper water balance.  Water Chemistry Basics

If it’s time for a new liner, give Savol Pools a call. If you’re considering replacing your liner in the spring when you open your pool, we can measure the liner in the fall so we can have it ordered and ready to go for the start of the pool season.