pool vacuuming

Why isn’t my manual pool vacuuming unit working?

We get this call a lot.

The first question we ask is how old is the pool vacuuming vac hose? Lots of times its old and has an air hole in it so it’s not maintaining prime. The hose gets dragged along with ground, so it’s worn out. Get a new hose and you’ll be all set.

Other times the hose is installed backwards. The swivel end goes on the vac head in to the pool and the non-swivel end goes onto the skim vac plate.

If you have a new hose and the right end is in the pool and it’s still not working, you may need to backwash the filter or clean your cartridge(s) or DE Grids. You may need to degrease your DE grids or cartridges, not just hose them off.

What’s a skim vac plate? It’s a device that fits on the stationary end of the hose and goes over the skimmer basket so all the debris is collected by the skimmer. We don’t advise taking the end of the vacuum hose and placing it in to the hole at the bottom of the skimmer and letting the pump basket collect the debris. It’s more of a pain to clean out and the impeller can get clogged with debris and you’ll have poor suction.

We have all of the products you need to vacuum your pool at Savol Pools. We have vacuum hoses, vacuum heads for concrete or vinyl, skim vac plates and telescopic poles.

Not liking the thought of having to vacuum manually? Call Savol Pools to discuss a robotic vacuum cleaner for your pool.